Packing has been hard in tow way one its hard to say good bye to my stuff and tow all of the boxes are so heavy. We are storing all of are stuff in are basement in stead of getting a place to store all are stuff. My room is like a desert all of my things are in boxes. We leave in 15 days now time flys. School is creeping up on us my mom just packed my homeschool things in the airstream. Well i hope i see you next time on airstream living as a kid!!

Getting ready


Hello my name is Elise my family is going to travel the USA for a year. We are going to travel in a airstream a 30ft airstream if you want to be exact. We are living in 16 days in those 16 day we have lots and lots of things to do like saying goodbye to my Friends. All of my friends have been there for me and it is so hard to leave them. Well i will be going into fifth grade this year so when I'm gone i hope I don't miss much. My first stop will be crater lake on the 24-25. So i hope i will see you next time on airstream living as a kid!!