Back in time

Since i have been gone i have hiked Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon and The narrows in Zion, national park and i have had my birthday all in one month! In Grand Canyon we went back in time in to a museum and down in to the Canyon. The first time i looked at the Canyon my mouth dropped and i was in awe! We rode the train to the south rim. I highly recommend the train. Well, we went in one of the lower levels but still so much FUN! The train robbery was one of the most popular parts of the train ride it is on the train ride back. In Bryce Canyon we hiked the queens garden it was the most fun it brings you to the bottom of the Canyon and back up. We stayed in a small town (canyonville) with a KOA it was not the best the park was not good and they do close down for the winter. The pool there was closed too. The Canyon is so pretty if you stay till it gets dark (9:00) you can see the Milky Way and millions of stars! I started a program called Junior Ranger it is very cool you learn a lot by it! There is in a age limit between 4 and older. So if you are older it is not weird it do it, i have seen adults do it to!! I’m now in Zion, i hiked the narrows, you have to have a hiking stick and special boots and socks. It is so worth it, if you go to the fork then the fork part that goes off to the side then you are going to a water fall. If you go to the other side then you are going to Wall Street and beyond a large rock it is neck deep and swimming. It was also my birthday on the 21 of September i got a GoPro and a letter to Hogwarts. My next post will be about my pins that I’m collecting!

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