Hello, i wish i was back home this i was home this week , all of my friends are doing so many fun things in school i wish i was doing thos fun things too ): I’m so home sick right now and missing my friends and family. I wish I could go back in forth form hear to there. The R.V that we are staying in silver city in vary nice it has a vary good club house. The downtown area is so cool it is good for a nice stroll! I hilly recommend vicys it has a vary nice porch and you can bring your dog and thay give dog a strip of Bacen and a boll of water! The yoga place downtown on broadway is vary nice if you are hear for a trip you can git a card for 5 classes for $25 a vary good price. well i got to go. I hoped you liked this post i will see you next time on airstreamlivingasakid !!

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