Panama City Beach

What’s your favorite state? I have many, and one of them is Florida. Another is Louisiana, which we were staying in previous. We arrived in Florida in early January, right after New Orleans.

First, we stayed in Panama City Beach. Our campground was very picturesque, nestled in St. Andrews State Park right along the gulf. The park had access to the beach and several hiking trails. In Alligator Lake, I saw my first(of many) wild alligators. He was floating at the surface with his head and tail peaking out. His scales were a deep, deep green, almost black. The other wildlife we saw included herons, cranes, and and assortment of other native birds.

We had to practically crawl over the dunes to get a glimpse of the wonder that is known as the gulf. Me and my sister, Abbey, made sandcastles and played in the crystal blue waters. We come from the Oregon Coast, and they are surprisingly very different. The Oregon Coast is much more tumultuous, and has darker sand. The gulf was so blue. It was like a tropical ocean, even though it’s not even close to being as large as an ocean.

Another thing that’s different from the Oregon beaches, is the beach stores. Huge, multi-leveled, castle-like buildings, home to every color of beach towel you can imagine. Some of them even had whales or sharks on the outside of them, and you have to walk through the mouth to enter. This was very unusual, because the closest you can get to this where we live is a small, family owned beach shop that gives you two towel options: beige, or nothing.

I got my fist fried pickle here, too. At a seafood shop a little out of town. This restaurant had appetizers I had never heard of, such as fried pickles and okra. Everyone really likes the tomatoes, but only my Mom and I like okra.

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