New Orleans

New Orleans is one of my favorite cities we visited. My favorite part was taking a cooking class in the fabulous French Quarter, and having my Grandma, we call her Mimmie, come out and visit for a week. The most interesting part was how they have melded French and Southern culture to develop one delicious cuisine!

Creole is the French part of New Orleans. French people originally settled there because New Orleans sits on a trade-heavy harbor. The French elites were wealthy, and could afford luxuries such as tomatoes, while the commoners could not. Creole cooking is usually tomato based, while Cajun is more of a brown sauce.

Me, my sister Abbey, my Mom, and Mimmie all took a cooking class on gumbo, jambalaya, and pralines at the New Orleans School of Cooking in the French Quarter. Gumbo is more of a soup, while jambalaya is a rice dish. My favorite was the andouille sausage gumbo!

All in all, we spent four days in the French Quarter. I loved all the food! I tried the famous French beignets at Café Dú Monde and Café Beignet, and I have to say, I highly recommend it. (I went to the one on Royal Street.) It was better because the atmosphere felt more personal and homey. The service was quicker, and the beignet’s had just the right amount of powdered sugar.

My favorite street in the Quarter was Royal. It houses most all the cute shops and coffee places. On New Years, it was PACKED! We tucked in early, because of all the drunko’s and the hectic chaos. When we got home though, the fireworks were crazy and loud.

The other popular district in NOLA(New Orleans, Louisiana) is the Garden District. We drove part way, then took the trolley down St. Charles Street(from Monopoly) to the downtown area. The trolley ride was gorgeous. Lined by Live Oaks, the draped Spanish Moss and Mardi Gras covered power lines really set the mood. Did you know Spanish Moss is neither Spanish, nor moss? It’s actually in the pineapple family! Huge, French influenced, ornate mansions lined the road. The iron work on the balconies and windows was very detailed and French-looking. Tulane University also resides on St. Charles, and it looked like a castle!

The Garden District was very pretty, known for its architecture and beauty. We first went to a cemetery, and learned all about how they bury their dead. Most people down there are Catholic, so their dead must be buried. But, New Orleans is below sea level, so they had to get… creative. The above-ground tombs are cracked and old, and can hold generations upon generations of people. It was very creepy!

Also in Garden District is Joey K’s, which has THE VERY BEST FISH TACOS IVE EVER HAD. No joke. If you haven’t already been, FLY DOWN. Get tacos. That’s probably the best advice I can give you.

I LOVED NOLA, and I wish I could go back! But unfortunately, we eventually had to leave, and next, we went to Panama City Beach.

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